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We actually started out, in the writer’s room, with a heading that said, “Great pairings,” and at the top of that was Derek and Stiles.

Jeff Davis (June 9 2012)

What I wanna know is what happened to this mentality? I get not wanting to go there romantically in the plot, okay, I can understand and forgive that. What I can’t understand is now 12 episodes straight with absolutely none of this dynamic. These writers have literally thrown aside one of the biggest assets to this show’s popularity because… . they’re butthurt that people are more into the accidental storyline than the intended one? They’re too stubborn to accept that the fans are in love with something they didn’t come up with?

I just, do they not realize how much they’re screwing themselves over here? Was this whole season just a massive experiment testing whether their ratings can survive without Stiles/Derek interaction? Because if the past couple weeks are any indication, the answer to that is a resounding NO. People are giving up en masse and to be quite honest, I’m actually glad. The show seems to be running on this mentality that the only way fans can assert their voices is by tuning in or not - and for the fans that don’t contribute to the ratings, haha too fucking bad, you don’t matter. 

I say this because we’ve made our voices loud here. We’ve made our voices loud on twitter. We’ve taken our anger and frustration to Facebook, which is like sticking your hand into a sewer to most fans that I know, myself included. We’ve commented on all their articles and misc activities. We’ve taken part in more polls than I can even count, we’ve voted till our fingers cramped for AfterElton, Geekiary, E*Online, for TV Guide.

But the only time Teen Wolf really seemed to care what we did or said was when the 3a finale was leaked and suddenly it was all hands on deck to please the fans and make us watch so their ratings didn’t take a hit. 

So all of these people giving up watching the show after literally an entire season with zero Stiles/Derek interaction? Fucking awesome. Because that seems to be what they want. They want to see if cutting out one of the most chemistry-filled duos on the show will hurt their ratings? Let’s give them exactly what they’re asking for.

I can’t speak for Crystal’s reasons, though given what I’ve seen I can assume they were thoroughly linked to and justified by her character’s treatment on the show, but losing Allison means losing the Allison/Lydia dynamic and the Allison/Scott dynamic, two of the other very strong chemistries on the show. Tbh I’m am hella curious to see how Teen Wolf manages to stay afloat while tossing away both of those and the Stiles/Derek dynamic.

Does it think it can ride on some imaginary high fueled by cliché and problematic, heteronormative relationships and tired hero plays? Does it think that fans will stay tuned through a cycling of characters that do little more than show that the writers have the mentality of a toddler with a toybox? Does it think getting darker and darker will magically keep the fans interested while important character developments are left unaddressed and deaths get brushed under the rug? 

Is that what it is? Does it think the power of the Nemeton will magically keep the show afloat? 

I don’t know the answer to those questions, but the way it’s looking, I think Teen Wolf is definitely about to find out.

I just, UGH, I am so frustrated because it is not Jeff’s job to freaking “write to please himself first.” It is his and the other writers’ jobs to keep the fans interested. That is it. It’s their job to make sure we continue to tune in to watch Teen Wolf each week. That’s what they get paid to do. Their show is dependent upon sponsorship money and those sponsorships care about ratings. That’s their end-all-be-all, and yet, here we have a writing team that is intentionally working to alienate and destroy the passion of a huge section of their viewers. Let that sink in for a moment.

If after that moment, you’re as pissed off as I am, let’s talk.

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Yes, let’s talk, or better, let’s have cocktails.

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